B&K Security – Manufacturer of Hydraulic Road Blockers Barriers:

Rising Road Blockers are made to secure the entrance. Durable construction stops vehicle attacks. They are installed especially in places were highest security solution is required. Every road blocker is control and manage by guard. Control panel equipped in pushbuttons allow to protect and quick react in front of terrorist attack. This kind of security system is the most effective it stops 7,5 tone truck driving 80 km/h. B&K road blockers are K12, K8 rated with PAS 68 Certificate. Durable control cabinet is our proud, they do the work, thanks to best quality solution we gain trust customers worldwide.  In our offer are hydraulic and electro-mechanical blockers. Time of opening is 4-6 seconds, it can be accelerate with EFO to 1.5 second. Type of installation: shallow mount, underground, on Surface.

✔  widthstand a vehicle borne attack of a 7,5tone vehicle driving at a speed of 80km/h
✔  high class control cabinet equipped with top technology steering in PLC from MITSUBISHI and durable Hydraulic Power Unit (PLC : programmable logic controler form mitsubishi automation)
✔  we produce anti terrorism ram-barriers acc. to highest quality standards

Customized road blocker

What make us different than others? We offer custome sized and bespoke solution. We are an expert in the field od customized road barriers. We produce every type of road blocker, which other companies even do not know how to manufacture or just do not want to do it. Our team of enginieers will project & manufacture roadblock special for your project.

References of crash barrier road blocks

We have a very modern machinery park, which allows us to deliver road blocks to highest security objects, as NATO quarters. We delivered hundreds of road blockers worldwide, some of our realizations:

road block protect againts enemy vehicleroad blocker stop track

High quality and K12, PAS 68, K8 rated

Durable road blockers. They are manufactured within European Union, according to EU-Law and security standards. Roadblocks are rated: K12, PAS 68, K8.

Many Types – varieties of anti-terrorism roadblocks and

Different options of installation. We manufacture hydraulic and mechanical solutions. Check our types of road blockers and find best model for you. We are happy to help you and advice best product for you.  We are supplier of height restriction vehicle barriers. Do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Road barrier

Road barriers has to protect place and save lives. Due to the fact that terrorist develop we develop 10x more than them. That’s why in our range of products we introduce new massive road blocker with level of protection – K30. Contact our expert for more information.

Need price list for road blockers?

Price of road blocker depend on type, if you want to know the price list, please contact with our specalist or write to us, we will prepare price offer for your enquiry with all technical documentation.