Hydraulic Road Blocker shallow mounted. System of FLATBLOCK consist of:

  • Road Blocker which absorbs the impact
  • Outside Cabinet with Control Box with drive unit which is to be placed up to 7 meter form the Road Blocker

Catalogue: FLATBLOCK catalogue


Steel structure depth 200 mm
Width of blocked space 2000 mm to 4000 mm in steps of 500 mm
Other sizes on request
Height of raised obstacle 650 mm
Electro-hydraulical drive unit In external cabinet up to 7 meter away from road blocker
Opening time Approx. 5-6 seconds
Equipment Standard Pushbutton box control panel (UP-DOWN- STOP-EMERGENCY STOP)
Safety Photocells
Manual operation in case of power supply failure
Optional equipment Safety edge buffer
Securing crushing points during road blocker closing
Phase (available against surcharge)
Proximity Card Reader
Hydraulic Accumulator for Emergency Fast Operations
UPS (Unlimited Power Supply)
Loop Detector
LED traffic post
LED traffic light on separate post