mobileblock baner


Hydraulic MOBILEBLOCK Road Blocker installed on ground level

MOBILEBLOCK can be moved, this type is surface mounted, Portable road block equiped in EFO, UPS.

Catalogue: MOBILEBLOCK catalogue


Width of blocked space 2500 mm to 5000 mm
Height of raised obstacle 500 – 600 mm
Electro-hydraulical drive unit In cabinet next to road blocker
Opening time Approx. 4-5 seconds
Equipment Pushbutton box control panel (OPEN /STOP/EMERGENCY STOP / CLOSE)
Hydraulic Manual Emergency Pump
1 pcs semaphore traffic-lights post included in the body of blockade
Optional equipment Emergency Fast Opening (less than 1,5 seconds) by Hydraulic Accumulator
UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) allowing to operate a chosen amount of cycles
Remote controller
Proximity card post
Internet online control module TCP/IP
Ethernet online control module (LAN)
Integration with Milestone, Honeywell (Prowatch) or Bosch (BIS) system