shield road blocker anti ram barriere


Shallow mounted hydraulic Road blocker, construction height of road blocker which is installed underground is 340 mm. The system consist of:

  • Road Blocker which absorbs the impact
  • Outside Cabinet with Control Box with drive unit which is to be placed up to 7 meter form the Road Blocker

Catalogue: SHIELD catalogue


Width of blocked space From 1000 mm to 6000 mm
Height of raised obstacle From 650 mm to 1200 mm (standard is 650)
Electro-hydraulical drive unit In external cabinet up to 7 meter away from road blocker
Opening time Approx. 4-6 seconds
Equipment Control console panel (pushbutton type) for operations UP-DOWN-EMERGENCY-STOP
Service keys in cabinet RAISING-STOP-LOWERING
Emergency stop button
Hydraulic Manual Emergency Pump
2 pcs integrated traffic LED lights on blocking segment
9 m long Hydraulic Hose and electric wires
Optional equipment Emergency Fast Opening (1,5 seconds) by Hydraulic Accumulator
2 channel loops detector
UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) allowing to operate a chosen amount of cycles
Separate traffic post with LED RED/GREEN light
Remote controller
Proximity card post
Internet online control module TCP/IP
Ethernet online control module (LAN)
Integration with Milestone, Honeywell (Prowatch), Bosch (BIS) system or other systems