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How to protect against terrorist vehicle attacks?

Nowadays in the face of terrorist threat we have to protect against vehicle attacks. What is the most secure solution? Definitely road blocks, they would stop enemy truck. Road blocker are durable, strong protection against terrorist. They could stop heavy 7,5 tone track driving 80 km/h. So many terrorist attacks […]

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What is BSI PAS 68, ASTM F2556/F2656M – 15, IWA 14-1 certification?

Table of Contents BSI PAS 68, ASTM F2556/F2656M – 15, IWA 14-1 are standard used to verify and certify security products, such as vehicle barriers, which are measures against Terrorist Attacks by Vehicle-ramming attack. The barrier can stop even a heavy lorry attack travelling at high speed.What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation […]

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What are the common types of anti-ram vehicle barriers?

Table of Contents Anti-ram barriers are protection measures against a criminals or terrorists attack with use of vehicle driving high speed into the direction of the premises. Many times the vehicle might be filled with explosive device.What road blockers do? Types of premisesThe anti-terrorism vehicle barriers might be divided intoWhen […]