external cabinet road blocker shneider

External cabinet for road blockers

External cabinet manage the hydraulic work of road blocker. The construction of cabinet is waterproof and is IP 55 rated. For every road blocker there is internal control cabinet with IP 66. External Cabinet has locable weather resistant enclosure. It can be installed next to road blocker or to 7 meter away. The desing of exnternal cabinet prvovide an easy access to HPU. It is made for HPU maintance of hydraulic systems. Enlosure of external cabinet is resistant to corrosion, it is protected by galvanization and powder paint.

What is external cabinet?

External cabinet of road blockers is a 2 meter high cabinet that is equiped in all needed hydraulic and electronical equipment. Inside external cabinet there is an internal cabinet. That is a little box that is a heart of road blockers, that is the most important part.

Where is EFO in external cabinet?

EFO – Emergency Fast Opening System is installed in the right top part of external cabinet, check the picture below:

What is internal cabinet?

Internal cabinet is quipped in devices that manage road blockers. One internal cabinet can manage the worrk of two road blockers.

Internal cabinet equiped for one road blocker:

Internal cabinet for two road blockers: