Time of road blocker opening

What is the time of opening of road blocker? How quick road barrier can react in front of terrorist attack? Read about EFO – fastest solution which open road blocker in 1 sec.

Time of opening road blockers is very important thing because of two thighs. First of all is the time of fluence flow of vehicles through entry, second is the quick reaction in the face of a terrorist attack.

What is the standard time of road blockers opening?

Standard time of opening road blocker is 4-6 seconds. It is quite short time, thanks to it do not cause of blocking vehicles at the entrance. It is also enough time to react in front of danger. But there is also a solution to install EFO – EMERGENCY FAST OPENING SYSTEM.

What is EFO road blocker? Emergency Fast Opening System

Emergency Fast Raise System is a additional equipment that can be installed in a control cabinet of road blockers. Thanks to that solution your blocker can be OPEN in 1,5 seconds. Guard is equipped in special PUSH BUTTON that in front of terrorist attack.  Ask our expert for technical specification. EFO Road Blocker is most secured solution.