bk powerbeam road blocker

Types of installation road blockers

There are 3 types of installation road blockers:

  • Shallow mounted
  • Underground mounted with concrete foundations
  • Mount on ground level that can be moved any time

Shallow mounted road blockes – What models?

We manufacture 2 models of road blockers that have shallow mount installations. It is FLATBLOCK and GUARD. This first one, so FLATBLOCK is hydraulic road blocker with flat obstacle. GUARD is electromechanical and also could have option of installation on ground level.

SHIELD installation

Underground mounted road blockes – What models?

Most of our models of hydraulic road blockers are mounted under ground level. They are: PROTECTOR, SHIELD, TITAN, MONOBLOCK. The rising obstacle are hides underground.

underground installation road barrier
TITAN installation

Mounted on ground level – what models?

We manufacture one type of road blocker, that can be mount on ground level, it is MOBILEBLOCK. Main advantage of this type is ability of moving it anywhere.