Road barriers installed before gate saving lives

objecvtives, aim of road blockersWhat are road blocks for?

Road blockers are security systems devices which are installed before gate or, booms, rising arm barriers. The main aim of installation road blocks is: STOP the enemy vehicle, so they could not drive on guarded possession. Moreover, roadblocks are use to control the entries, guard before open the road blocker can check personality of person.

Where road blockers have to be use?

Road barriers are use in places where is required highest security level such: embassies, airports, Governments buildings, military, special forces and others.

Durable construction stop enemy and save lives

Strong construction of road blocker is able to stop large track with weight of 7,5 tone with speed driving even on level 80 km per hour. Design of road blockers has to be the highest quality, because on it depends saving lives of many people. That’s why in our company our priority is highest quality. Our road blockers are made of highest level materials that will never let us down.

Distributes us quality

Comparing blockades with our competitors at first glance, you can see our strong construction. We never save on components, our control devices never let our customers down. Durable construction, solid components, customized road blockers gain trust our customers from Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe and other locations.