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How to protect against terrorist vehicle attacks?

Nowadays in the face of terrorist threat we have to protect against vehicle attacks. What is the most secure solution? Definitely road blocks, they would stop enemy truck.

Road blocker are durable, strong protection against terrorist. They could stop heavy 7,5 tone track driving 80 km/h. So many terrorist attacks in vehicles in 2017, let us think, that we have to protect better in 2018. If the places such as airports and embassies will be secured in security gates, strong road blocker we can save many lives. Our company is a specialist in manufacturing durable road blockers, we supply our road blocks in Europe and Worldwide. Thanks to our high quality and competitive price policy we gain trust zabezpieczenia antyterrorystyczne.

What is the best protection from attacks in vehicles?

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Durable road blocker with guardian. So many international places have to face with terrorist threat. To best solution to secure place is to install properly selected road blocker. Airports, Embassies, Militaries every day are visiting by many peoples, such places were always in terrorist eye. They are looking for possibilities how to attack, to stop them we have to secured place.

B&K Company is an expert in perimeter security field, every day we work on solutions, that will give best protections for places that needs security protection. We provided hundreds of road blockers to customers worldwide. We develop our systems to supply best solutions under requirements. Our gain is to protect places against terrorist in best possible way. Team of our engineers’ project road blocks and manufacturing bespoke solutions.

Strong road blockers are the best choice. In additional they are usually in yellow-black colour, what gives the information for terrorist; you can get here. Place secured by road blocker is restricted.

Types of installation of road blocker

Every place is different, that is way we manufacture many types of road blocker that can be installed in different ways. We supply;

Contact our expert, who will find best solution for you and will give you price list.

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