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What is BSI PAS 68, ASTM F2556/F2656M – 15, IWA 14-1 certification?

BSI PAS 68, ASTM F2556/F2656M – 15, IWA 14-1 are standard used to verify and certify security products, such as vehicle barriers, which are measures against Terrorist Attacks by Vehicle-ramming attack. The barrier can stop even a heavy lorry attack travelling at high speed.

anti ram barrier manufacturer poland bk
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There are certification like: pas 68, astm f2556, iwa 14. Due to world-wide market of security products and high competition there was a need for standard, that will help describe these products in some clear values. Helping not only customers to choose best suiting them products. But also expand number of qualified business partners for companies as well.

What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)?

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a term which describes measures against terrorist bomb on a truck ( terrorist willing to penetrate premises and deliver with explosive devices on the truck). It is called also Moving Vehicle Threat Protection. Vehicle borne attack is a big treads nowadays for highly rated locations. Such as: airports, embassies, military bases and critical infrastructure. Also for crowded locations as promenades and tourist attraction. Vehicle-borne attacks to crowded locations are a large topic nowadays.

At the beginning all standards where strictly borrowed from military, but in time standards including the civil market grown in numbers also. Today most common and often used standards to Tests the security level of vehicle security barriers. For example blocking bollard, rising arm barriers, wedge barriers, road blockers: are ASTM F2656, and IWA.

What is PAS 68?

PAS 68 – First one is Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for security equipment protecting against vehicle based terrorist attacks. It is describing in details what criteria (methodology of testing, acceptable results, types of vehicles used for testing) specific types of products must pass when subjected to a single horizontal impact.

What is IWA 14? 

IWA 14 (the International Works Agreement) is basically the same, but it was created to cover much wider area of tests and provide one single standard in place of many from different countries. This standard combines testing criteria/characteristics previously applied by European Union gathered in PAS68 and united States classification under ASTM F2656.

What is ASTM F2656? 

ASTM F2656  – previously DOS called by the industry the K rating. It is a standard originating from USA, but it was highly recognized not only in the US but also in the middle east, as a standard for crash impact rating certification. Previously known as DOS.

Certification ASTM F2656 itself is conducted by specialised engineering testing companies on prepared testing fields. Certification covers different security threads. Different vehicle weight and speeds at which vehicle are being launched. The penetration level as well as the dispersion of debris, will be taken into consideration as a certification criterium for anti-ram barrier characteristics. Also the distance of dispersion of major debris. We could guess that the most common test would be 7000kg truck driven at 80 km/h.

Most manufacturers get certified in a real full scale crash test. There are also manufacturers, which products are not crash tested but only rated by design. The design method can be for example finite element analysis (FEA).

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